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Organic Farming Market to Eye-catching Growth by 2026|Top Key Players like Dow Chemical Company, BASF SE, Solvay, AkzoNobel, Nalco Holding Company

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Organic farming is a method that includes growing and nurturing crops with the use of biological materials preventing the use of synthetic based fertilizers and pesticides. The organic farming supply chain is together like and unlike the supply chain in the conservative food industry. Both initiate at farm level, of course. However organic farms tend to be smaller, and various organic farmers sell directly to consumers in addition to or instead of selling to manufacturers. However it accounts for only a small percentage of the total organic foods market, this direct exchange amongst farmer and consumer represents the heart of the organic movement for many of its supporters. Food manufacturers may find that they advantage, especially in consumer acceptance, through buying from many small farmers rather than establishing large acreage, though some do create a large-scale organic model.

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Companies Profiled in this Report Includes: Dow Chemical Company, BASF SE, Solvay SA, AkzoNobel N.V., Nalco Holding Company

Reason to Organic Farming Market Research Report:

Nearby 178 nations in the world are associated with organic farming. Almost Sixty percent million hectors of land are utilized for organic farming in the world. The organic farming market is probable to grow with a CAGR of about +15% During the Forecast period. Among the various regions, North America’s contribution in organic market will account to 50%. It is projected that around million was invested on organic food and farming systems and research in the entire world. But, farming companies are investing in research, development and infrastructure to develop the productivity and efficiency of organic farming systems in order to overcome routine farming challenges like managing pests and sustaining soil health.

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Market Research & Market Trends of Organic Farming:

  • Organic Agriculture in Developing Countries Africa has gained momentum that has led to increased investment in Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany and the French government. These investments play an important role in expanding organic farming in western, central and southern Africa. Several governments and private companies are investing in developing countries to improve organic food production and encourage organic farming.
  • The use of pesticides and chemicals and the proliferation of food chains due to existing agricultural practices have become a global concern. The global market is expected to become more active as consumers become more aware of the importance of organic food, natural and safe foods for health and welfare, and new food safety standards.
  • Some regulators are working to provide fair competition to sell sellers, traders, processors, farmers and breeders to encourage organic farming around the world. They are implementing more stringent controls and are primarily focused on preventing contamination of pesticides, improving the supply of organic seeds around the world, and launching new products such as essential oils and salt.

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Report Scope in Detail:

The report includes in-depth assessment of the competitive landscape, product market sizing, product benchmarking, market trends, product developments, financial analysis, strategic analysis and therefore to gauge the impact forces and possible opportunities of the market. Apart from this the report too comprises a study of major developments in the market such as product launches, agreements, acquisitions, collaborations, mergers and so on to comprehend the prevailing market dynamics at present and its impact during the forecast period 2019-2026.