Pillbox modifications: IoT’s answer to medical adherence

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The deficiency of patient observance to their medicine routine assigned to them by their doctor in the U.S. is an oft ignored but dominant issue. IoT solutions may contribute significantly towards dealing with this issue.

With nearly 3.8 billion prescriptions given out each year, the number of individuals who are regularly taking their medication is rising in the U.S.

In order to benefit most from the drugs, it is important that the patient take the prescribed dose at the particular time and in particular amounts. This is particularly significant for individuals suffering from chronic illnesses such as fluctuating blood pressure, diabetes, etc. a study conducted in year 2017 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention foretold how nearly 50% of individuals carrying chronic ailments were not observant of their medications. Consequences of this absence of medicine adherence could be disturbing health results and expensive clinic appointments. It is approximated how lack of medical adherence is accountable for nearly 10% of the hospitalizations that take place in the U.S., about 125,000 demises and charging the healthcare system $100-$289 billion every year.

These digits are shocking to say the least, however, the latest mindfulness regarding this problem is one step forward.

The issue of lack of medical adherence appears to be to-the-point, however, the causes behind it are numerous and diverse, especially for individuals suffering from chronic ailments whose medical routine is intricate. After looking into many of these causes, researchers have reached a couple of outcomes. Lack of adherence is unintended and owed to forgetfulness of the suggested amount and time of medication in most cases. Things become increasingly more complex when dealing with deliberate nonadherence of medication. Patients might decide to alter their dose because of hoe costly the medicine is, the adverse effects they might face, unavailability of a support system they are answerable to, etc.

Numerous companies have made their way to IoT solutions in order to make drug regimens as simple and suitable as is possible.