Portugal’s IT rising??

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Portugal’s emergence as a tech hub has also raised its bar of expectations from the outside world and now the tech sector can thrive only it keeps innovating ahead of the rest of the world and that too fast because the world isn’t waiting for anyone to catch up.

Portugal has spawned the rise of the information technology as it is the synonym to the tech sector only with the hardware and physicality’s out of it. Information technology is the mother of all the innovations is enough to show the world how important the sector is to the innovations in the tech field. From biology to finances, business to automation there isn’t any sector or industry left where information technology is not required. As we all know the European Union is also pushing the information technology sector in the nation of Portugal. If everything goes well and even the government supports the IT industry, we can be assured that something that will change the world can come out of this part of the world. There are plenty of examples of IT-enabled innovation. Riana Lynn uses nutrient data and AI to make more nutritious snacks. Tim Ellis employs machine learning and automation to power a 3D metal printer to make rocket components. Silvia Caballero applies bioinformatics to identify gut bacteria that can control antibiotic-resistant infections. Himabindu Lakkaraju develops AI models to check for bias in important decisions.

With the demand for the IT sector higher than ever it will be interesting to see how the nations try to take advantage of the shortage of resources in the IT sector.