Portugal’s tech rises now aiding its IT sector

Information Technology, News

Portugal has risen up to the global stage of recognition as a potential Silicon Valley in the western part of the European subcontinent and has no signs of slowing down its amazing and rapid development in the field of information technology.

With the work developed by Altice Portugal in the last few years, Portugal today is known as an international case study with proven experience in several countries, such as USA, France, Russia, New Zealand, India, the UK or Brazil, regarding FTTH projects. Altice Portugal presents one of the best and largest next generation network infrastructures, reaching 4.8 million of households in Optical Fibre, moving closer to the 2020 target of 5.3 million. This brings Portugal as one of the first countries in Europe to reach nearly 100% of the population. We deployed FTTH throughout the country, both in urban and rural areas, boosting the economic development and digital inclusion. Fibre optics will be a key enabler of 5G, especially as a backhauling technology, once it provides the extremely high speeds, capacity and low latency required to connect each 5G station. FTTH rollout is a key differentiator for providing nationwide 5G coverage and Altice Portugal is ready and prepared for 5G rollout, with over 95% of its mobile stations already connected through fibre. Besides the FTTH deployment, Altice Portugal performed the first 5G live demonstration in a commercial network environment with pre-commercial terminals in July 2018 and the first live television broadcast in Portugal using the 5G network in real environment in June 2019.

With these kinds of advancements, the nation is set to boost its information technologies as these techs are providing more and more access to better and favourable conditions for the IT sector to flourish.