Portuguese tech to rise more with the same administration

Information Technology, News

The Portuguese tech sector is set to make new records of growth again as the Portuguese government has been re-elected.

Portuguese prime minister António Costa’s Socialist party has won the country’s general election but has fallen short of an outright majority, according to exit polls. The Socialists (PS) took 36.65% of the vote, followed by the centre-right Social Democrats (PSD) with 27.9%, according to near-total results released by the interior ministry early on Monday. The government of Antonio was the one who introduced the golden visa programs to gain investments for the nations in exchange for nationality.  The government has really bought up Portugal in the global tech game and the tech uprising of the Portuguese nation is mostly due to the administration’s favourable policies which are still aiding the investors and the tech giants to allow the nation to prosper. After being hit by the economic crisis the nation has made an amazing bounce back and we expect it to keep it that way with the formation of the government again that led to this uprising.

António Costa has won praise both at home and in Brussels for combining fiscal discipline with successful measures to stimulate the economy, which is now growing faster than the EU average, helped by rising exports and a booming tourism industry that saw more tourists visit Portugal last year than it has inhabitants. So, it will be interesting to see what the tech and information technology sector shows in terms of growth with the re-election of the previous administration.