Rakuten Mobile and NEC to build Open vRAN Architecture in Japan


The technology giant which integrated IT and network technologies Rakuten Mobile, Inc., which happens to be the mobile network subsidiary of Rakuten Group, and NEC Corporation has recently made it public that under the partnership of the two organizations they will construct the world’s first 5G open vRAN architecture in Japan. NEC will provide the Rakuten Mobile’s new and innovative network with the 5G network equipment.

The fruit of the partnership will be a 3.7 GHz massive MIMO 5G antenna radio unit (RU), developed by NEC in Japan. 5G conditions at NEC’s RU are ideal due to power saving, compact, lightweight traits which is are economical.

The world’s first fully virtualized cloud bearing mobile network is being built by Rakuten Mobile. Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications approved deployment of 5G radio station by Rakuten Mobile which will launch it’s 5G services in 2020

Mutual working of Rakuten and NEC will provide with a solution to support the mobile network launch along with several operations.

Tariq Amin CTO (chief technology officer) of Rakuten Mobile, told media officials “We are very excited to partner with a network technology leader such as NEC in building the world’s first 5G open RAN architecture here in Japan, NEC’s technology and expertise will allow us to not only cost-effectively create a highly secure, high quality 5G network, but by designing and producing the antennas in the local market, we look forward to contributing to the development of the Japanese telecommunications industry and economy.”

Take of Atsuo Kawamura, executive vice president and president of the Network Services Business Unit at NEC Corporation on the partnership with Ratuken. “Going forward, NEC aims to drive the global expansion of virtualized network architecture with Rakuten Mobile.”