Reza Deghati to Address the UC San Diego


The UC San Diego Division of Arts and Humanities is pleased to host global peace photographer Reza Deghation campus to talk about his philosophy regarding improving humanity.

Reza, a celebrated Persian photographer who is now based in Paris, will be on the UC San Diego campus as a visiting artist, who is bringing alongside him, his distinctive voice and photography to the wider San Diego community.

“Reza is one of the most celebrated Iranian artists. His work is at the same time profound and artistically magnificent,” stated a Department of Music professor ShahrokhYadegari. He is in charge of organizing the visit and is the director of the Sonic Arts Research and Development group at the Qualcomm Institute. “We are grateful he will be with us, and look forward to introducing him and his work to both graduate and undergraduate students, as well as all of San Diego.”

Reza, who is a humanitarian and idealist, is now a prominent photojournalist who has worked all over the globe, particularly for National Geographic.

His work has taken him to more than 100 countries where he observed humanity’s struggles and disasters.

As he photographs some of the severest, war-torn areas, Reza does not imagine himself to be a war photographer, but a “peace photographer.”

“During my life I have travelled many roads, which have led to my encounters with children, women, and men whose individual destinies made a deep impression on me,” Reza stated. “I tell their stories as human beings trapped in the turmoil of the world through the universal language of photography.

“If I am in a war zone, it is not because I want to photograph the war. I am photographing what the population is suffering because of the war, and this is one way to contribute to the future people in the world.”

Reza has been serving as a volunteer dedicated to training the youngsters and women of conflict-ridden communities in the language of pictures to aid them in striving for a superior world.

“Beyond borders, cultural diversity and bloody wars, my images do not give only a sad report of shattered lives. They also testify to the smile behind the tears, to the beauty behind tragedy, and to life, stronger than death. This exhibition is an invitation to a visual and poetic journey through our human family,” he states.