Ride-Hailing App of China, Didi Enters Brazil and Mexico


The ride-hailing giant of China, Didi Chuxing, has recently launched a new financial services program in Brazil as well as Mexico, in a plan for expansion which shall again see it go up in opposition to Uber Technologies.

This private company, that was last valued at 56 billion US dollars and facilitates almost 30 million rides a day has said that it would partner up with financial institutions for offering drivers from Latin American countries, a bank card that will allow them to receive money from daily rides, and also withdraw cash and make purchases.

Mexican riders shall also be able to upgrade their Didi balances using cash at Oxxo, that is largest convenient store chain of the country.

Didi has revealed the high cost of Chinese ride-hailing business.

After having driven Uber out of China in the year 2016, Didi will once again face the company, as it is eyeing growth in Australia, Latin America, and Japan.

Didi does look the competition, but its primary focus is serving the users.

For example, In Japan, a driver said that if he was to accept rides on Didi, it would have to provide him with a specific pair of white gloves that are obligatory for taxi drivers to wear in Japan.

Didi is also investing in the field of technology, and on people for overhauling the safety measure taken in China, and also all over the world.

Didi is currently using facial recognition for the verification of the person who is driving the car to check whether it is the same person who registered with the company or not. It is further using geofencing and the mapping software for flagging rides that deviate from the predicted routes or sometimes make unusual stops, and also links with the emergency responders who show up in case cars stops mid-route for a longer period of time.