Sam Saba gets appointed by the Mavenir for being a pioneer in its development in the Asia Pacific

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Sam Saba gets a raise in the position by getting appointed as the Vice President by Mavenir, as well as, the Chief of the Asia Pacific region. A complete portfolio of the mobile network is offered by Mavenir which is a 100 percent software based, which makes the path for the reasonable and easy adoption of the 5-G services across the zone. Having past experience of being a senior management figure for more than twenty years in the business of mobile telecommunications infrastructure, Saba was tempted to give joining in the Mavenir as the sole 100 percent end-to-end based portfolio of the industry of solutions that change the economics of mobile network operators by means of novelty and advancement.

RAN functions, as well as, core networks, have been virtualized by the Mavenir on the open-interfaces and the normal hardware platforms in order for bringing the solutions to the market which can meet the 5-G standard and simultaneously provide those options for the operators which are also feasible. By making the delivery of end-to-end virtualized solutions from essential to the mastery, Mavenir is leading in redefining the economics of mobile network and is confident enough to leave behind the typical equipment providers consequently, while assisting the operators in succeeding and delivery value essentially in the opportunities which are represented by the 5-G.

Saba has an experience of over 23 years in the telecom sector in Asia and will be having the responsibility of looking after the sales, as well as, customer engagement with the teams which would be covering 5 offices of Mavenir across the zone. The responsibility will be of re-defining the mobile network economics by giving provision of strategies, as well as, solutions for the reduction of costs, generation of revenues and also to protect and maintain the revenues.