Should Artificial Intelligence be considered as an incentive for employees or a danger to them

Should Artificial Intelligence be considered as an incentive for employees or a danger to them?

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A few of us might be aware of it, some might be completely unknown, but artificial intelligence is sneaking into our every day lives unlike in the past. From automatic response machines in the area of consumer service to smart robot working continuously in production and industries, errands formerly performed by humans are transformed into the mechanical and digitized process.

The question arises, is this change in the process of getting things done to increase effectiveness and cost bargain, a suitable option?

For China, a state that is determined and focused on being an Artificial Intelligence leader by the year 2030, a sensibly decided procedure and balance are required. In 2017 administrations set out a roadmap to attain this objective, encouragement technology companies driven and start-ups to completely make use of Artificial Intelligence.

Zhuiyi Technologies located in Shenzhen is one of those firms.

This start-up is a business front-runner for coming up with intelligent results for the service industry, using Artificial Intelligence and understanding in depth its carried products. Some of its consumers are banks, real estate businesses, mobile service suppliers and also regional Television stations all over China. And most importantly and significantly they design language and their services’ and products’ capabilities to cooperate with human beings.

Natural language processing is our fundamental technology and we emphasize the future generation of an intelligent interface. We deliver companies with Artificial Intelligence digital workers. We think that such initiatives will employee a huge amount of digital workers in the upcoming time, as they have exclusive pros in the field of supervision. They provide cost-benefit as well, as it costs 1/12th of human labor, elaborated Joey Wu, the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. Therefore it is difficult to ignore.