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Singapore is the one-stop and a very popular choice for international companies in technology. With Dell’s recent launch of its third global IoT lab and a huge set up of R&D Centre in Singapore. Singapore has become a smart city for the past two decades. The Singaporean government has introduced the “National robotics Programme”. The aim is to develop new technologies aimed at healthcare, construction, manufacturing, production, and logistics with the use of robotics & Artificial intelligence. Robots are the new ways of technology and they are entering a segment of workspace. Virtual communication is the major change in these decades, this has taken place in the traditional communication system. Banking & pharmaceuticals being the major targets. The trend of introducing virtual communicators was started by Singapore only; these assistants help the customers in providing better assistance. The Research and development department of Singapore’s has been very thorough with the technology. Change is the brewing phenomenon in every sector. The coming up of 5G (fifth-generation cellular mobile phone network) is also on the go. This technology promises speed & and the stimulator of first-mover advantage in the market. Singapore has been well versed with all its first-mover advantage in various technologies which have always attracted other countries and investors to be a part of the revolution that Singapore has brought. Singapore has been a hub for innovation as it has positioned itself as a dynamic economic region. Singapore’s brand continues to make changes and get well equipped with the technologies.