Software engineer indicted of transferring trade secrets to China

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An engineer of software is being accused of abstracting trade secrets from a locomotive company of Illinois in which he once worked. He took all the information with himself to china. He was then charged by the Justice Department with nine counts of trading secret theft.

It was said by the Federal District attorney that Yao downloaded more than 3,000 files which contained Top-secret trading information and source codes, from the Chicago software company. While he was indulging in this activity he was also securing his job with the Chinese Company and constantly having negotiations being done.

He was expelled from his job in the United States of America, therefore, he later flew to China and started working for a company there. He took with himself the stolen files, including nine copies of the Chicago company’s control system. Moreover, he had with himself the specifications the explained how the algorithm worked. However, neither company is accused of the charge.

The case comes as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department officers have prioritized the felony by Chinese firms of U.S. trade secrets and brought multiple prosecutions in recent years against staff defendant of stealing proprietary info.

Some U.S. officers have specifically warned regarding Chinese interest in transportation.

In May, as an example, Sen. Charles Schumer, the Senate’s prime Democrat, known as on the centralized to step in and investigate whether or not an inspiration for brand new subway cars in NY town designed by a Chinese state-owned company might create a threat to national security.

The senate’s Prime Democrat has asked for a detailed review after CRRC, which is the world’s largest train producer, achieved the best design for a new subway vehicle that would consist of modern-day technology.

Yao is not in police custody and is said to be living in China. It was not sure whether he had a lawyer.

This accusation was brought in 2017. It was unsure why it was unsealed this week.