Some of the Biggest Tech Companies Aiming to Sell Facial Recognition Technology in the Gulf despite Great Retaliation in the U.S.

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Facial recognition has been related with worldwide fascism by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and has been made illegal in San Francisco, however, it is being advertised in Dubai, which is guilty of spying on numerous nonconformists, by Chinese and American tech companies.

Amidst the growing retaliation against facial recognition technology in the United States, a horde of Chinese, as well as American, companies are contending for the provision of biometric investigation, along with other AI products, to Dubai’s police force.

San Francisco, this month, barred their police’s use of facial recognition technology. Other proposed acts in the United States intend to do the same. Amazon’s activist shareholders, pressurized it last week for the sales of its ‘Recognition’ system to govt. authorities. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio has voiced her worries over hoe face recognition technology may be misused as a type of social control.

Nonetheless, big tech companies such as Huawei, IBM, and Hikvision, are advertising biometric investigation/surveillance systems in the United Arab Emirates, whose citizens have lesser of a choice to retaliate. According to numerous media reports and human rights groups, the UAE has, time and time again, utilized software that hacks into mobiles in order to spy on rebels, reporters, and alleged criminals, it has also invested greatly in investigation technology.

Sarah Aoun, who is a digital rights technologist and who works with human rights activists on areas such as privacy and security, stated how frightening it was to have the artificial intelligence technology in a place like Dubai where citizens are being imprisoned for what they say. She says this is an example of the weaponization of technology, where the system of power is using it to gain control over the citizens.