Gigabit LTE Speeds Courtesy of MiFi® 8000 Mobile Hotspot

Sprint Clients Receive Gigabit LTE Speeds Courtesy of MiFi® 8000 Mobile Hotspot


Today, a forerunner in 5G and IoT device-to-cloud resolutions, Inseego Corp., broadcasted the MiFi® 8000 Mobile Hotspot. This would be Sprint’s first ever mobile hotspot with gigabit-speed and enterprise-grade safety characteristics that are able to cater to the increasing requirements of phone users now a days. Starting on the 14th of June, the MiFi 8000 will be accessible to Sprint clients countrywide.


The Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Mobile Solutions & IoT at Inseego, Ashish Sharma, stated how the MiFi 8000 provides exactly what MiFi clients expect from the brand. It incorporates fascinating characteristics including the finest security with IT administration controls, extremely-fast dual band Wi-Fi, and the most recent developments in the 4G LTE technology.

Sprint Business Solutions’ senior vice president, Kim Green-Kerr, stated how their corporate, SMB and govt. clients all have increased mobile workplace requirements. He stated how the MiFi 8000 lets mobile system supervisors bring enterprise-grade data safety and gigabit connectivity execution to a progressively isolated work environment.

The MiFi 8000 succeeds in setting the bar high in the area of mobile connectivity with Long Term Evolution Advanced-Pro tech. and the 5x carrier accumulation, which consequentially brings greater peak data rates the finest broadband encounter throughout the coverage zone.

Federal, local and state government are being trusted by private enterprises that connections can be made by their clients securely from anywhere. IT admin controls, on-board VPN, guest Wi-Fi network, anti-hacking cybersecurity features and advanced enterprise grade encryption protocols, make the MiFi iQ technology platform capable of passing the industrial standards for security. Inseego engineers in the United States are completely responsible for the generation of MiFi 8000.

Along with staying up and running all day long, the MiFi 8000’s Universal Charger gives devices connected to it, such as smartphones etc., a battery surge.