artificial intelligence & the importance of machine learning

Square’s head of artificial intelligence & the importance of machine learning

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Machine learning is everywhere these days, and there is no doubt that machine learning is required in every specialization, both large banking Institutions and start-ups, which are attended attempting to disrupt money with artificial intelligence, this collectively helping make Artificial Intelligence and integral part of the industry’s future. ASI head of Commerce platform machine learning team at square incorporation help daily Technical aspects of the payment platform the manager and his team apply machine learning in automation two squares payment products which in recently have am to revolutionize the way more merchandise and businessman are conducting their translation in a very smooth and yet in a very safe manner. AI is one of the most exciting languages in new technology the potential of AI concerns in applying machine learning to finance where there are so many security concerns about the sensitive personal information, which has also lead to various Business models to be very much comfortable with. Square, the company, has really facing presence, primarily via the cash app, which enables the rewards attached to a card that has no maintenance fees, and it is entirely free. Virtual reality is a fascinating topic where there are long term patients for language and get there is some speech recognition that is one of the most important phases and features of artificial intelligence. One always has to be ready with the false and negative responses here implementing this new technique has also lead to many negative responses such as caching of data and other cybersecurity threat but one searching cannot be ignored that this implementation of the new technique has also encouraged many people the way how machine learning is changing the way commerce and operations are performing.