Tokyo Metropolitan Police Departmen

Strict Security for the Imperial procession

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Tokyo police are venturing up security for the Imperial parade occurring later on Sunday to check Emperor Naruhito’s promotion to the position of royalty.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has set up a “top security division” under the initiative of its boss. Around 26,000 officials, including 3,000 from different prefectures, are being assembled.

The motorcade march was initially gotten ready for October 22. Be that as it may, the administration delayed it to concentrate on recuperation in regions influenced by Typhoon Hagibis.

Exacting things examinations will be set up, as sparklers were tossed at the parade of the then Emperor Akihito to stamp his enthronement in 1990.

Observers will likewise be checked with metal indicators before entering fenced-off zones to review the parade. They are restricted from bringing things, for example, blades, jugs, and jars.

Streets connected to the motorcade course will be hindered with huge police vehicles to avoid fear monger assaults utilizing autos.

Police are likewise sending an extraordinary unit to manage suspicious automatons, just as a crisis reaction group furnished with guns to counter psychological militant assaults.