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T-Mobile & Comcast Launch Call Verification System

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T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) and Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) are now teaming up to fight against robocalls. Robocalls are automated calls that play a pre-recorded message when the user accepts the call. The companies jointly announced new robocalling protections on Wednesday, stating that calls made to and from each other’s networks will be able to be verified as legitimate. Users will be able to identify that the calls that they are receiving is from a legitimized individual, instead of a spammer or robocaller.

It is reported that last year Americans received over 26 billion unwanted robocalls. To rid the world of scam calls, the telecom industry and federal agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission are beginning to deploy an authentication system that is meant to combat them, known as the SHAKEN/STIR protocol. It authenticates calls by exchanging certificates so that your phone knows if an incoming call is legitimate or “spoofed.” If a real caller is identified, T-Mobile will display “Caller Verified” in the Caller ID.

“Basically, you simply trade authentications,” said Grant Castle, VP Engineering Services at T-Mobile. “Trading them between us [means] we know the traffic we convey is our very own and when we send it to Comcast, they’ll realize it originated from us.”

T-Mobile and Comcast will start utilizing the convention to verify calls made between the two systems on a bunch of gadgets. The confirmation highlight is as of now accessible for T-Mobile clients since January and this association will reach out to Comcast Xfinity Voice home telephone administration clients in the not so distant future. It will imply that T-Mobile clients can be guaranteed calls from Comcast home telephones aren’t from a con artist mocking a number, and the other way around, the organizations state.

“Robocalls and spam calls are an industry-wide issue, and we must unite to keep customers ensured. Today, we’re the first to cross industry lines to do only that,” said John Legere CEO of T-Mobile.