T-Systems have tapped the Cumulocity Internet of Things Platform of Software AG

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Deutsche Telekom along with Software AG have announced that they will be partnering up in order to deliver an internet of things services on a worldwide scale.

Software AG as well as Deutsche Telekom along with its enterprise customers unit T-Systems shall be expanding their offering of Cloud of Things, by using the Cumulocity Internet of Things Platform of Software AG, throughout, Germany, various markets in Europe and in the United States.

The Chief Executive Officer of T-Systems, Adel Al-Saleh along with the Chief Executive Officer of Software AG, Sanjay Brahmawar have said that their customers are now able to simplify their Internet of Things and the needs of integration with analytics for self-service and gain can also gain insights for accelerating and expanding their businesses for a connected future.

The T-Systems will make use of the connected architecture of Cumulocity Internet of Things as the latest foundation for the T-System’s integrated Cloud of Things Internet of Things platform. Cloud of things, basically, is the backbone of T-Systems that has the role of supporting a diverse range of applications of customers who are very critical towards their mission.