Taiwan senses new opportunity to make money in the Tech sector

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In this era of technological innovations, there’s always some new technology just waiting to enter the market and make an impact. Taiwan’s tech industry is keen on new technologies and the industry has been keeping a close eye on the innovations in the field and developing their industry trends according to these innovations.

As the tech industry has seen the rise of facial recognition in today’s smartphones from the big brands such as Apple and Samsung. The facial recognition tech has seen a growing trend following its popularity from these smartphone conglomerates. Taiwanese tech played a major role in the development of Apple’s facial recognition research and development. Now the Taiwanese tech market is seeing a growing trend in 3D sensing tech including both aspects of the technology, software as well as hardware. Taiwan has seen a growing trend in its tech market following the United States-China trade war. Many big names such as Google, Microsoft and IBM are making their way to Taiwan as it is a perfect hotspot now for the tech industry with loads of intellectual talent which is a by-product of the Taiwanese education quality and cheap production costs of the country. Taiwan is the best choice for many tech industries as it already has the infrastructure required to support the technological advancements. Win Semiconductors sold mainly to enterprises until 2017, when 3D sensing for phones took off, an investor relations spokesperson says for this post. Then the 20-year-old firm shifted into laser diodes for phones. Revenue from the phone segment rose from about 10% that year to 15% in 2018.

With augmented and virtual reality continuing to grow with new applications the tech industry will see an increase in demand for 3d sensing hardware as well as software. Taiwan is ready to provide these services to the market as it is already working on advancing the technology.