Taiwan’s tech now to aid diabetes in a better way

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Taiwan has been emerging as an amazing tech and startup hub. This rise has allowed more and more industries to integrate tech into their sectors and make some amazing advancements.

Fitbit and Taiwan-based diabetes management app Health2Sync announced last week that Fitbit health, sleep and fitness data can now be integrated with the Health2Sync app to support Health2Sync’s 360,000 users in Taiwan and Japan to better manage their diabetes. he voluntary integration of Fitbit data with the Health2Sync platform gives users who have a Fitbit account access to an in-app dashboard that now includes data from their Fitbit devices, including heart rate, sleep and physical activity, alongside recent blood glucose readings depicting if levels fall within, above, or below the healthy range. Integrating Fitbit into the platform provides Health2Sync users a more holistic view of their health, which can support them in making healthy lifestyle choices to better manage their condition. According to a Diabetes Care journal article published in 2015, improved sleep can have impact on the overall health of someone with type 2 diabetes. With these kind of tie ups of small start-ups from Taiwan with tech giant Fitbit it only shows how advanced the industry is getting in Taiwan.

This tie up will give Taiwan the name it deserves in the health industry as well as the tech industry. Now Taiwanese start-ups are starting to raise their heads with innovations as more and more tech giants make their way to the nation.