Tech Companies in Taiwan Reviving Smart Glasses, Google Takes Notice


By wearing a specific pair of glasses showcased at the premier tech show in Taipei the previous month, you would have been able to see, from a surgeon’s perspective, inside a body spread open for surgery and exposing tendons and blood. The Jorjin Technologies developed comfortable glasses secured a display, at Computex Taipei, of made-in-Taiwan smart glasses.

Jorjin Technologies, along with 16 other firms based in or having R&D offices on the island that has come to be known as a global tech hardware establishment, is readjusting the spectacles responsible for their initial chief impression in the public with the launches in the year 2011 and 2013 of the Google Glass.

However, it was the general public responsible for leading Google astray following the release of its spectacles which displayed, directly in front of the wearer’s eyes, text messages, the weather, and maps, among other things. The very first iteration by Google was intended for the general public.

However, in the month of May, Google went on to inaugurate, for its business clientele the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2.

According to the Taiwan Smart Glasses Industry Association’s secretary general, Cheng Yu-Jung, the Taiwanese developers predicted Google Glass’s shift to enterprise a couple of years ago and began generating their own spectacles intended to intended for business customers. Cheng Yu-Jung stated how Google’s initial venture was a blunder on its part. He added how in Taiwan, they hope for the industrial development rate to only get superior with the passage of time.

While Cheng does not have an approximate size for the Taiwanese smart-glasses industry, he specifies how even though the sector is currently small, it is in the process of growing.

ReportLinker, a market research company, predicts how the smart-glasses industry would rise to nearly $20 billion by the year 2022, from only $340 million in the year 2017.