The Advocates of Immigration brace for ICE roundups throughout the country


The advocates for immigration were bracing themselves on Thursday for a huge sweep of arresting and detentions in the middle of reports that is a roundup in a minimum of 10 major cities that shall begin this weekend.

The officials of the ICE are neither confirming and nor denying a report on Thursday in The New York Times, quoting many of the administration officials that the newspaper has not named, as the sweep will  begin on Sunday. Donald Trump announced last week that Immigration and Customs Enforcement will soon commence a major sweep.

The Council of Immigration of America tweeted that nobody who had been arrested in the immigration search should be deported without being given a fair day in the court. They further said that they were training and recruiting the immigration attorneys from all over the country to ensure the happening of their decision.

UnidosUS has tweeted a list of dos and don’ts for the immigrants for example, don’t open the doors or say anything to the ICE agents, and don’t sign anything, but do take pictures and hire a lawyer.

The tweet said that as the communities have started fearing the raids of the ICE agents, they must know their rights.

On Wednesday, talking outside the White House, the acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Ken Cuccinelli declined telling when any raids mights begin, but he did vow that they were coming.

On Thursday, Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker decried the expected upcoming raids as actions of immorality that were taken for terrorizing children and tearing the families apart.

In a press conference held at the Capitol, she said that a deportation order was not the same as a search warrant so the immigrants should learn their rights before letting the ICE to enter their homes.