The Homeland Security of US does its best to provide resources for the immigrant children


Since the fall of 2018, the Department of Homeland Security has been continuously stating that the temporary holding spaces of Border Patrol were not designed and never intended to hold the record numbers of all the migrants that were illegally crossing the border.

Throughout the various border trips, their panel continued to observe dangerous conditions at the holding facilities despite their brave efforts to clothe, feed and improve the medical conditions of the migrants, most of who arrived ill or diseased because of the exhausting journey.

As illegal, dangerous crossings of the border continue to increase, the bipartisan panel in April of the Homeland Security Advisory Council released its public report that urged emergency funding as well as legislative fixes for addressing this surge along with the broken immigration system of the nation.

The recommendations included setting up of some temporary regional centers close to the southwest border and also another in Guatemala that has sufficient judges, living space, medical support and security in order to humanely care for the families and the children so their claims can be processed timely. Today, the panel is still waiting for congressional action on their emergency recommendations.