The man who made the iPhone will run Taiwan

The man who made the iPhone will run Taiwan

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Terry Gou, the founder of an empire collecting $41bn gadget, has again gone out of his job to threaten Taiwan’s government. Is this going to upset the fragile peace of the island with China?

“The man who made the iPhone will run Taiwan,” the New York Times reports–and all, naturally, because of an ocean goddess. Goliath Foxconn’s fluctuating gadget organizer has thrown his hat into the presidential race of the island, saying the Chinese ocean goddess Mazu encouraged him to “approach,” all the better to support “harmony” across the Taiwan Strait. Terry Gou, 68, is a gigantic director in China, manufacturing his $41 billion empire sourcing devices for Samsung, Panasonic, and many others in huge industrial facilities scattered across the nation like “small urban centers.” Renowned for his hard-driving ethic, he hit the features in 2010 when it all started, says Bloomberg, over twelve Foxconn staff. Gou has built solid alignment with President Trump in America, where Foxconn is also a major business.

It is not yet clear how that will survive him referring to the “China-accommodating” Kuomintang (KMT) faction of Taiwan in a year from the political race. A long way from having “harmony,” Gou’s arbitration pushed the temperature up in the “delicate relations” of Taiwan with the two countries.

“The magnate plunged the political scene in Taiwan into turmoil with one stroke,” says Kathrin Hille in the Financial Times. Since the Communist Party of China claims Taiwan as its region, Gou’s business ties to the ground are questionable. Adversaries are confused about where their loyalties are. Gou has now left Foxconn running day by day, yet there is hardly any uncertainty where the power is still. Directors have consistently been afraid of the hot temper and eccentrics of their author. “You know before the ace has spoken we can’t say a word,” he said.