The need to reduce the use of electronic devices in children.

The need to reduce the use of electronic devices in children.

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In this digital period with the release of electronic devices, the way of displaying love to kids is altering. The main reason behind it is the availability of a huge amount of electronic devices and also because the parents are busy as they both work to run the house. The love parents show to their children is measured by the electronic devices they get for them.

Furthermore, from a very young age, the children are hooked to playing games on mobile phones and viewing videos online on YouTube. The parents are clueless about how they are destroying the life of their children. These days the ratio of children having weak eyesight is increasing and this is because of the overuse of mobile phones and laptops. The life of children is disturbed due to the lethargy of their parents.

Children have also become very clever in identifying the soft point of their parents and then emotional blackmail them to get their demands fulfilled.

Computer Vision Syndrome:

The digital era and the rise of electronic devices have resulted in the rise of a new disease called computer vision syndrome.

This disease is getting common nowadays as children look at the mobile screen for hours without even blinking their eyes. This disease is also called Digital Eye Strain as is common in both children and grownups. Moreover, blue light is emitted from the screens of these digital devices which according to research have a lot of adverse effects on our eyesight. The distance at which you keep the screen from your eyes affects the damage done to your eyesight by the rays emitted.

A lot of constant interaction with blue light constrains the discharge of a hormone called melatonin which results in weak eyesight.