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The use of artificial intelligence to remove biases from recruitment

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Just like other technology, artificial intelligence is completely capable of doing immensely good or bad in terms of results. The audience seems increasingly focused it is a buyer’s do decide which is used to bring the algorithm and on the bad outcomes, especially when it comes to the potential biases for artificial intelligence. The concern is woodwind pounding but in the context of what about artificial intelligence, it is today fear is that the artificial intelligence ignored is a critical fact. The deepest root source of biases in artificial intelligence is human Behaviour which is very stimulating. The deep-rooted source of biases human behavior is very much simulating as stated earlier and it is the best data set used to train the algorithm. And in case if one doesn’t like what artificial intelligence is doing that one will also not like what you means are doing because artificial intelligence is really learning from humans. Talking about the biases of during the hiring process, the typical way of reviewing the applicants is prior to an interview is through recruiters reviewing resumes. And many studies have shown this process which leads to significant biases towards women, minorities and older workers. Many current artificial intelligence tools for recruiting have flaws but they can be fixed. AI practitioners like OpenAI are already putting forth a set of design principles for making AI ethical & fair. Also not forgetting this fact that AI can assess the entire pipeline of candidates rather than forcing time-constrained humans to implement biased processes to lessen the pipeline from the start. Only by using an automated top of the funnel process one can eliminate the bias due to shrinking the initial pipeline so that the capacity of the manual recruiter can handle it.