“Transparent Displays” a major market opportunity?

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Taiwan’s tech industry has flourished over the years and now it is a breeding ground for many technological innovations. Also, Taiwan’s tech market saw a boom following the trade war between the United States and China.

ITRI a Taiwanese government-backed research institute, at Touch Taiwan offered a solution for the display industry in the field of Transparent Displays. Transparent displays have a couple of disadvantages. One is that emissive displays such as OLEDs can’t produce black without some special technology. Second problem is optical, it is mostly based on applications of the display. Scientists at ITRI have worked to solve this problem and had good examples of what they have been able to achieve. An engineer at ITRI stated that the approach started from a theoretical concept and used optical modelling software to simulate both the problem and modifications to the pixel design that would significantly reduce the effects of fringing etc. This is still a relatively early project, but there is a lot of interest in transparent displays. These displays can prove beneficial in displaying data for the self-driving vehicles and smart mirror tech.

Eliminating one of the ‘guilty little secrets’ could be very helpful in developing the market for transparent displays. ITRI has developed transistor arrays and have confirmed that the technique uses no more steps than LTPS. ITRI is developing a complete display and expects it to be done by the end of this year. Taiwan is making great advances in the technological world with new start-ups and new innovations coming out of the Taiwanese lands.