VeoRide Becomes The Leader Of Micromobile Industry With Its Innovation Capability

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Change is the only constant in the industry of shared mobility. Trapped by the fever of being ahead of the game, micro-mobility companies are often unsuccessful in creating the proper equipment which can withstand the pressure of shared use and tend to ignore the value of need of continuous improvements which are essential for a greater absorption rate.

VeoRide breaks the stereotypes and takes an exceptional adaptive approach towards developing its products. Regular feedback from the users is conducted by the company. Strong reliance on the competitive analysis gives the company a competitive edge. Data from the operations are extracted which includes vandalism and maintenance rates, and lab testing is done for determining the required adjustments to ensure that the provision of an optimal provision to the served communities.

E-bike developed by VeoRide has unique features including a battery which is swappable and the supreme quality fleet that meets the pressure of shared mobility programs for universities and cities on a huge scale.

VeoRide has a distinctive edge in coming up with multiple iterations of its products in a comparatively shorter timespan than the norms of the industry. The company brings changes in its products in almost every dispatch. On identification of any product issue, immediate notifications are sent to the Research and Development team and they bring modifications in the change or even change the supplier of the components within a week. This ensures the elimination of repetitive problem in the next batch.

Take a look at this example, VeoRide places its battery in the most distinctive way which differentiates it from the rest of micro-mobile companies in the bike industry. The battery is placed exactly at the bike’s center, which lowers the center of gravity. The whole cable system is also hidden perfectly which enhances its protection. Most significantly, it is extremely compact and sleek. Normally, a bike needs to have the double size of the battery to possess the same capacity as that of VeoRide’s battery.