Veterans being prepped for IT employments by the ServiceNow Program

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Even in the finest of circumstances, it can be tough to switch from military responsibilities to the everyday civilian life. The ServiceNow Veterans Program intends to smoothen out that transitioning period and place veterans, along with their partners, into IT related careers.

The program by ServiceNow was inaugurated in year 2018 and offers preparations which aid in veterans learning how to do well on their first day in basic IT and programming posts. The first batch for the program has graduated and the second batch is currently in progress.

The team of ServiceNow works alongside Nelson frank, an IT recruiting firm in Philadelphia, so as to organize the appropriate IT preparation for veterans which acknowledge the significance of their time in military facilities. After completing the program, stretched at 10 weeks, veterans gain at least 3 tech certifications.

At the ServiceNow Knowledge 2019 Conference that took place in May, the director of IT at the United States Automobile Agency, Brian Parks, talked about how beneficial the initiative was. He explains how this program is a place for veterans who don’t want to return to schools and continue their education where it was left at. The program makes use of the veteran’s know-how of military preparation and notices how their drives must change now that they aren’t in the same environment.

The USAA, too, presents a training session for veterans. Parks, who also is a U.S. military veteran, stated hoe these sessions are similar to the military’s method, in the sense that the military, too, recruited and paid them, and placed them in great training programs which had their benefits.

In a conference, Sue Persichetti, the Strategic Alliances VP at Nelson Frank, stated how the program lasts 10 weeks, eight and a half of which are very thorough program around ServiceNow preparation.