Virtual Reality Studio opened at UAB


The Virtual Reality Studio allows the faculty, staff, and students to access the virtual and augmented reality technologies so they can further make advancements in education and research.

Assistant Professor and the librarian at Emerging Technology, Mr. Dorothy Odgon says: “The studio provides a platform for students, faculty and staff to experience moments in real time through virtual reality. Our goal is to provide technology to support their educational and research needs.”

The newly developed space at UAB is designed in such a way that it allows people to encounter the tools of virtual reality and augmented reality in the presence of an educational environment. It has 3 workstations along with VIVE PRO headsets. These workstations utilize a virtual launcher which has been part of UAB’s participation in Springboard VR EDU pilot, letting users transfer between virtual reality experiences more comfortably.

Experiences that are available via UAB’s Virtual Reality Studio comprise the following:

Calcflow i.e. basically a VR calculator which is used to input the vector equations and then create models and also export shapes for the purpose of 3D printing.

3D Organon VR Anatomy i.e. a VR understanding which includes modeling of the skeletal movement including adduction, flexion, and abduction.

The Physiology of Eye which is available in both, Chinese and English narration, the experience provides knowledge regarding the directional terminology to describe a human body, and also an interactive model of the human eye.

COSM i.e. A virtual experience of art that would model cellular procedures and different other magnifications.

Masterpiece VR which is a program for 3D sculpting and creation of objects.

Medicalholodeck that is a 3D viewer for the DICOM imaging.

Buzz Aldrin’s Cycling Pathways to Mars i.e. a hologram that provides information regarding a proposed cycler method for a human landing on the Mars.

Nanome i.e. a tool modeling of molecules and drug discovery.