Webinar focuses on Digital Securities

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Following the achievement of the first KoreWebinar, KoreConX is bringing a broad exchange about the frequently changing setting of traded private securities. As the market of ICO/STOfalls, businesses need a fully accommodating substitute to guarantee that there are no governing problems with their offering.

Definition of terms like Security Tokens, Digital Securities and Tokenization have long since been flung around by the broadcasters, but their meanings are seldom clear. How are they different? Which one should be employed by companies for the purpose of capital rising? Which ones should investors avoid? These many other similar inquiries linked to the traded securities arena will be the principal point of the discussion between Oscar Jofre, who is the CEO as well as the Co-Founder of KoreConX, and Darren Marble, the CEO and the Founder of Issuance.

“The Private Capital Markets are changing in ways that no one could have seen 10 years ago. There are still many unclear concepts and it’s important that we have these public discussions to help educate the public about what the financial implications are,” Oscar Jofre stated. “Education about securities and compliance has been one of our primary goals at KoreConX, and this webinar is part of this process.”

“I’m very excited to be part of this conversation with Oscar. There’s still so much light that needs to be shed when it comes to digital securities, and many companies are still struggling to find reliable sources of information out there,” told Darren Marble. “We hope we can make the public understand the new possibilities that blockchain technology brings to the Private Capital Markets.”

“An Industry Evolving: Digital Securities, Tokenization, STOs, ICOs… What are they? How do they differ? Who’s regulating them?” scheduled to take place on Wednesday, April 17, at 11:00 am.