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What type of Stocks is the renowned investor ‘Mark Yockey’ purchasing?

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The managing director of the Milwaukee-based Artisan Partners, which is an investment management firm, Mark Yockey has notably targeted the growth companies which are underpriced. In an interview conducted recently, he expressed some of his thoughts on the course of the United States’ economy in addition to the types of the companies his firm at present are invested in.

Yockey is not specifically bothered about the United States losing its important position in the world economy and he thinks that it will take a minimum of a generation for China to be able to catch up to what the United States is doing in more better and advanced industries.

He passed the following statements:” The United States is good at those industries where the others in the world are not very good at. We dominate industries like the technology ones, big proportions of the technology we are dominant in, think of Facebook, Amazon or Google. America has domination over much of the Software space and the American companies simply are not existing anywhere outside the United States except for some exclusions.”

He further mentioned that the biotech as an industry is hugely stimulated by the United States. According to him as long as the United States maintains their hold in these areas like the healthcare and software innovation, there will be various other opportunities for the investment in the type of breakout he is interested in.

He passed the following statement: “ I think that the value will be outperformed by the growth. A lot of value traps are the value stocks because there is a digital economy at present. The businesses that contributed to the value added in the past are now being eliminated.”