WhatsApp's disappearance from Google Play Store

WhatsApp’s disappearance from Google Play Store

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In a very recent incident, what happened and it was very bizarre that the Facebook-owned WhatsApp seemed to have disappeared on the Google Play Store. The company came to know when some of the user’s complaint on Friday. Users are no reporting that the Facebook-owned instant chat messenger application is no longer appearing on the play store search results. This means that those who are looking to join WhatsApp for the first time won’t be able to install WhatsApp via Google play store. One has previously installed WhatsApp but uninstall it later for some reason then they will be able to see the app in the ‘Previously installed app’ section in the Google play store. WhatsApp hasn’t completely disappeared from the Google Play Store. According to the Reports that have no competition disappear from the Google Play Store and it is not blacklisted by Google. The reason remains unclear but the application ‘Whatsapp’ portraits an estimating power on the Play Store & still remains on the play store. The ownership taken by WhatsApp has spread all over the country and people are using this application in a very wide manner. Thus, this becomes impossible to drop such an earning application from the menu. The company maintain s to serve such a large base of customer and just by the news of Google play store dropping down the application has gathered the eye of each and every user. The process of this application engaging people and ending up making them a user continues and this application is one of its kinds and right now the leader in the market.