‘White hat’ hackers see rising demand for cover in company Japan.

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White hat hackers who spot security vulnerabilities could also be one in all the foremost sought-after professions nowadays as Japan’s schools and companies struggle to deal with the rising threat of cyber attacks. White hats are tasked with guarding laptop networks against “black hats,” the malicious hackers who infiltrate laptop systems to steal or destroy knowledge. To strengthen education on Cybersecurity and train moral hackers, state-run Chiba University has launched a bug-hunting contest among its students. “It is the initial such try by a Japanese national university,” aforementioned a political candidate at the university, primarily based within the town of Chiba. An orientation session control in period for the competition attracted a stunning fifty students. The contest is a component of the university’s course of study for up laptop security awareness. However rather than money, competent students are eligible to receive non-monetary gifts. “We expect those that perform excellently within the contest to play a number one role within the security business within the future,” aforementioned Tetsuya Ishii, VP of Chiba University. Among businesses curious about the competition, Cybozu Inc. introduced a “bug bounty” program in 2014, permitting white-hat hackers to check its system and paying them money rewards for locating vulnerabilities. Akitsugu Ito, a political candidate of the Tokyo-based software package company, aforementioned it pays up to ¥500,000 for every downside detected. Concerning 370 vulnerabilities had been recognized by the tip of last year beneath the bug bounty program, he said, adding that the entire payout has amounted to around ¥15.6 million.