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Why does America feels threatened by Chinese companies like ZTE and Huawei?


An executive order has been signed by President Donald Trump which banned the telecom as well as the wireless network equipment from the companies of China into the United States inclusive of the renowned ZTE and Huawei Companies. The Government of the United States said that the main reason why they banned the Chinese companies was the invasion of privacy as well as threats regarding the security of the company.
To extract more information interview was conducted from the Senior Vice President of the Huawei, Joy Tan to discuss matters into details.
Tan told that she does not comprehend the position of the United States on this matter. Huawei is one of the finest and largest companies of the world that provide the strongest wireless network in addition to the handsets. Their success is dispersed in countries all around the world. They will be continuing their growth in companies other than America. However, this country is a great growth opportunity for them and they are not ready to let it slip through their fingers.
The main question here is whether the China-based companies actually threaten the privacy and security of the United States or not.
The Government of United States says that the companies based in China offer various discounts for their gear of network, this is in turn paid to them by the government of China. This is used by them to make such cost-effective offers that the other countries are unable to refuse to improve their wireless networks to the latest 5G network.
The government officials of the United States claim that China does this so so that it can spy on the communications that take place in all the countries where they have their network gears.
After the order passed by the President, the statement came from the Company Huawei that they are completely ready to negotiate with the government of US and come up with the right measures to enhance and ensure the security of their products.