Will China Be the Leader of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Apparently, They Have a Plan

Will China Be the Leader of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence? Apparently, They Have a Plan

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We all know China’s credibility in the tech industry has been made–it has been seen as an imitator. Today, they intend to lead in fields ranging from blockchain to artificial intelligence, developments that will be seen as important in the future.

Despite China’s trade war with the US, people say the country with the second-largest economy will continue to drive the domestic technology industry.

The potential of artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, smartphones, and financial technology will be the subjects explored at the East Tech West conference in Guangzhou, China’s Nansha district.

Artificial intelligence is a broad term that encompasses the technology that makes robots impersonate human intelligence when it comes to speech or image recognition. Both Chinese and U.S. companies were paying a lot of money in implementing AI, and by taking them into account, they both planned their own national strategies.

Beijing’s plans to become the world leader in artificial intelligence by 2030 were discussed back in 2017. We also have a goal: to make a trillion yuan worth of the industry–that’s around $147.7 billion.

China has already made the most of the use of AI–just look at the technology of facial recognition. Nonetheless, here we are all the United States as the leader, especially when it comes to research and development. China’s software is being applied too rapidly in facial recognition or speed recognition. The same applies to smart cities, the medical world, and even cars that drive themselves. The US still has the lead in R&D, but China is catching up quite quickly–look at some well-funded startups such as iFlytek, Face++, and Sensitive.