WISeKey to shield U.S. clients following cyber-attacks

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The cybersecurity and IoT firm, WISeKey International Holding Ltd, publicized today the release an updated version of its WISeID Application. Particularly intended for U.S. based clients, this update consists of features concentrated on the clients’ right to be aware of, and to control their personal data.

According to the United States Privacy Act, it is vital that clients have the right to be aware of, supervise, deny the selling of their personal data and ask for the removal of their private data that has been acquired by businesses.

Technologies such as WISeID.comgive full power to their clients, such that the right to know what data of theirs is being collected, and which is to be deleted, is under their control at all times.

While social media firms give identification to users so they can access the various facilities in Social Network Credentials and Identities, WISeID’s are such that they let users supervise their identity’s formalization, keep a check on their online identities, and thoroughly monetize their private data. These are utilized by organization around the world, governments, and other service suppliers to join forces and exchange sensitive data beyond their trusted circle.

WISekey has released an updated WISeID version, for U.S. based clients specifically as it is in accordance with the most recent U.S. legislation on information accumulation. The update has included user-friendly sturdy verification and email security measures that are capable of dealing with threats like ransomware, or identity theft.

Passwords are plain security factors that can be acquired through phishing measure, or can simply be guessed. This is why the usage of passwords is a risky measure.

Sturdy verification is a method capable of heightening security by linking the conventional username and password access to facilities on the internet containing even more security features, such as biometric verification, one-time-passwords, etc.