Women in Portugal tech

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As Portugal rises in the tech world as a potential Silicon Valley of the western European continent the craze for the Portuguese tech scene is only expected to get bigger by the day.

The tech and most of the corporate sector of the world still suffer from a gender gap and the women in the industry are compared as less important in the industry dominated by men. Speak Up: Bringing More Women’s Voices to Tech Conferences cast a spotlight on its women at tech conferences and the way underrepresentation is a disincentive for more female participation. Key findings included: Only a quarter of tech conference keynotes in the last three years were women, Three-quarters of women surveyed who have sat on a panel at a tech conference report that they were the only woman on the panel, Seventy-six percent of women say they would be more likely to attend a conference with a keynote speaker, panelist or another programming that features a woman. According to the women in tech statistics assembled by Honeypot, the top country for women in tech is Portugal. A big boost for that ranking is that 30.56% of college graduates pursuing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) degrees are women. There’s a certain amount of hypocrisy that plagues organizations who make a big point about caring about recognizing women but not effecting real change. One of the women interviewed for the Techopedia piece, Sage French, co-founder and CTO of Crescendo and founder of Trendy Techie calls that “performative inclusion.”

So now with this data, the new favorite for the female techies is Portugal which is only adding fuel to its tech fire.